Simple, yet powerful advisor tools

We manage the technology so you can focus on your clients

One-click allocation models

Pre-built asset allocation models designed to diversify your clients’ exposure and meet their financial goals
Customize portfolios with thematic tilts and smart beta strategies
Build allocations from scratch or easily migrate your models

One-click rebalance for hundreds of clients
and models

Cost efficient one-stop solution

Manage more clients with less effort

Intergenerational transfers made easy

Leverage a fully integrated social ecosystem to engage effectively with your clients' heirs
86% of next generation investors say they'd fire their parents' advisor
source: Rothstein Koss, 2009

Keep play money in-house

Oversee client investment decisions and educate them on the basics of investing
"I have a self-directed account"
"My client has a self-directed account"
source: Cerulli Associates, 2013

Deepen Client Relationships

Spend less money on technology, spend more time with your clients

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What the press is saying about us...

"Goldman Sachs Invests in Upstart Online Broker"

- William Alden, New York Times